Concept & Storytelling

Telling your story

Each project is treated as a unique opportunity to understand and work closely with our clients, an opportunity to capture and improve on their ideas through a collaborative process. We typically begin with an initial conceptual phase that consists of analysing a space and establishing each client’s individual project needs and requirements. From this we develop a primary moodboard that depicts the conceptual ideas for the space and that highlights the story and identity we would like to create. Our principal sources of inspiration are drawn from personal habits and contemporary lifestyles that produce an emotional narrative between people, spaces and objects.

Interior Design

Search for your balance

We develop a wide range of interior design projects that incorporate well balanced and timeless design spaces that move beyond contemporary trends. Our team collects all the necessary information from each client in order to best understand their requirements for the space, including its aesthetic, any specialized equipment needs or operational constraints. Projects include definitive plans for the construction phase and a meticulous selection of furnishings, lighting, sanitary facilities and wall coverings.

Project Management

From start to finish

We walk you through the entire process from the project’s first sketch to its completion, ensuring an open and transparent relationship with our clients. Our specialised team will organize and follow up all necessary tasks to achieve an agile and efficient interior design project. They will also drive the development and implementation phases throughout the assignment, including coordination, supervision and decision making on the aesthetic and functional aspects of the design.

Furniture Design, Selection & Purchasing

Equipping spaces

Our attention to detail is second to none with no stone left unturned in the development and implementation of your project. We design custom furniture with detailed plans and apply a scrupulous selection process for all furniture, textiles and Mediterranean styled decorative elements, according to your project budget. This process includes the ordering and tracking of shipments; transportation cost management; assembly organization and clear down and cleaning upon project completion. Our team is quality focussed and work with high-grade materials and skilled craftsmen.

Global Capability

No barriers

As an international team and studio we are accustomed to business travel and adapting to different cultures and languages, with a fully global logistical capability. In recent years we have designed exclusive projects in Barcelona, Mallorca, Geneva and New York, among other cities, which have been reviewed in prestigious specialized publications around the world.


Our commitment to the community

At Bloomint Design, we are community committed and share our knowledge acquired throughout our career. Until now, we have focused on teaching, giving classes and conferences in various educational institutions. We have decided to go further and established an internal mentoring program with the aim of guiding professionals with little experience and completed studies in their first steps in the interior design field . We seek to bring our perspective and experience in design and management to them, so they can fully develop their potential.


For a more social and sustainable future

We are resolutely committed to the sustainable development objectives set out by the United Nations, working actively in the labour, social, environmental, economic and good governance areas. We are also part of the Barcelona Responsible Business Program promoted by the Barcelona City Council. We apply these objectives in relation to our projects, workers, suppliers and clients, quantifying the social and environmental impact of our business activities.